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Eternal Perspective

2 Jn. 8 your full reward

Phil 3:14 the prize

2 Tim 4:6-7 finished the race
-The only way you can finish is if you know your course (you can run till you pass out in one direction, but if it's not your course, it was for naught)

1 Cor. 9:24 your race

2 Cor 5:8-10 our goal is to please the Lord--we already have his love
-We will be judged on how we live as believers (our sins have already dissapeared forever)-did we do what we were called to do?

Judgment--Gk. word--a decision resulting from investigation

Heb. 6:2 "eternal judgments" (see definition above) The way we live as believers determines how (not where) we spend eternity

Js. 4:14 our life is a vapor--zero time

2 Areas believers will be judged
-1. Our involvement in building the kingdom of God.
-2. How we built (influenced) individual lives (everyone from the waitress to your closest 'we' relationship)

about point 1 (he didn't say much about point 2):
1 Cor. 3:11-15
-vs. 12 we build with eternal or temporal in every moment of our lives
the "day"--believers' judgment
-vs. 9 WE ARE:
God's fellow workers
God's field
God's building

Ps. 132:13-14 Here I (God) will dwell, for I have desired it

1 Pet. 2:4-5 We're the house. We're also God's subcontractors. (The builder supervises--his subcontractors build the house.) God designs, orders materials (we are also the materials--he saves and calls us), and schedules his subcontractors. It is important the house is framed before the electrical work begins!

Jn. 17:4 Jesus was on a schedule; so are we.
Phil. 2 He walked as we walk--had to give up his rank to be a man filled with the Holy Ghost
Jn. 5 He had to SEEK his father's will
Eph 2:10 We are created to be, but also to do.

Every believer has a calling

Ps. 139:16 The book has already been written--every moment of our lives has been written in His book. This is so awesome. Bevere said it really changed the way he prayed in the morning. Will we follow the book God has already written, or fail to seek him earnestly for his will for each day/moment?

Eccl. 3:11 eternity (every moment ...) has been written in our hearts.
That's why Paul could say "I finished my race" or "my work here is not yet done." He knew his work.

Eccl. 3:14-15 Sovereignity--God will finish his house no matter what--if you do not do your part, another will. Bevere spoke of a huge church in one of the Carolinas where his friend is a pastor. The pastor told him a story: a dignified older man came to his church and did nothing but cry every service for a long time ... finally the older man confided in an associate pastor that God had called him to pastor a church in that same city, God had given him a vision of what the building would look like ... he ran into much adversity and gave up, turning to traveling ministry. He was now sitting in the EXACT building that had been in his vision. "I was the first one God chose to pastor this church," he said.

At the judgment seat we will be judged not according to what we did, but what we were called to do. Maybe you were called to raise 3 kids but you became a traveling minister--God will ask you in Heaven about the 3 kids. He won't want to hear about your ministry that you weren't called to do.

Want to know your calling?
1. Seek God earnestly
-Heb. 11:6
-Pr. 20:5 a wise person draws it out
Fast, pray, etc. Bevere took Thanksgiving break in college to do this, for example.

2. Be planted in the local church
Ps. 92:13 those who are planted will flourish in the "Day"
I'm a seed. Planted, I will grow. The right soil perfectly cracks the seed, so life can come forth. God has just the right soil to crack us. AMEN!
Too much transplanting kills the root system and the plant.
Jn. 12 seed dies (to its own vision) so it can grow. (It captures the vision of the house.)

3. Keep from being entangled
Lk. 9
Eccl. 9
One wrong relationship (for Samson it was Delilah) can cost you your calling.

The majority of believers will suffer loss in the Day (all that is not eternal, all you were not called to do, will be burned up. Fire consumes straw and wood and purifies gold and jewels.)
Mt. 20:16, 22:14
Lk 10:1-2

1.6 million in Moses' congregation and 2 (Joshua and Caleb) were faithful to their calling

Joshua's congregation---only Aachan was not faithful (and it had to do with tithing)
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