Christie (luvtbs) wrote in bible_study,

I started a community a while ago where I wanted to share with others. Yet, it never took off so I abandoned it for awhile. I have picked it back up and am posting in it regularly. The community focusus on reading through various books of the Bible and answering thought questions. I am using the Serendipity Bible for my guide. If anyone would like to join feel free. Right now there are a few memebers but no one else other than myself has been replying. Either way, I will continue to keep going as I feel God is leading me to do this and He knows where it will lead and whom it will touch.


This community is a place where we come to gain spiritual growth and a better understanding of each other. And hopefully, deeper friendships. All while sharing our insights into various Bible readings.

Every two or three days, there will be a new reading posted along with some questions. These questions are designed to help us get to know each other and examine our own spirit while delving into a deeper understanding of what God wants for us.

Remember, there are no wrong answers. When you comment, please do so with understanding and the motive of holding each other up as we learn and grow together. Please do not comment if the goal is to tear down someone's thoughts. Debate is welcome, yet use discression.
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