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How happy is your life?

I was on Myspace the other day and the kids are always taking little surveys and I came across one that said, " How happy is your life?" Everything on the quiz was materialistic, like do you own a cell phone, or do you have TV in your room etc... And if it wasn`t material stuff they judged happiness on, it was still all "I" centered. So I decided to do some Bible study on what God says should make our life happy and this is what I came up with...

How Happy is your life?(take the quiz)(
You are happy when:
{} You are happy when God corrects you and disciplines you.(Job 5:17)
{} You have your quiver full of children.(Ps. 127:5)
{} You fear the Lord and walk in his ways.(Ps. 128:1)
{} You labor for what you have(not lazy). (Ps. 128:2)

{} Your God is the Lord.(Ps. 144:5)
{} You have gained wisdom and knowledge.(Prov. 3;13)
{} You have mercy on the poor.(Prov. 14:21)
{} You Trust in the Lord.(Prov. 16:20)

{} You are reverent.(ex. Honor and respect).(Prov. 28:14)
{} You Keep Gods Law.(Prov. 29:18)
{} You are humble.( Jn. 13:16,17)
{} You are happy when you get to tell people about Jesus and his Church.(Acts 26;12)

{} You would try not to do anything to cause your brethren to stumble.(Rom. 14:12)
{} You endure and persevere.(James 5:11)
{} You suffer for righteousness sake.(1Peter 3;14)
{} You have inward beauty, incorruptible beauty, gentle and a quiet spirit.(1Peter 3:4)

{} You are meek( Power under control;flexable will, Gods will not ours). (Mt 5:5)
{} You are merciful.(Mt. 5:7)
{} You are a peace maker. (Mt. 5:9)
{} You hunger and thirst after what is right.(Mt. 5:6)
{} You hear the Word and recieve it with joy.( Lk. 18:3)
{} You are patient and long suffering in joy.(Col. 1:11)
Now count your blessings and multiply them with eternity!
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